@lex Guestbook - English documentation

1) Installation
  • Using your FTP software (i.e. Filezilla), send the whole agb folder (rename it if you wish, i.e. "guestbook") to the server hosting your website.
  • Installation is automatic, you'll just have to enter some informations and follow instructions : open you Internet navigator (Internet Explorer, Firefox...) and go to the "setup.php" page in the main folder (i.e. :
  • Your guestbook is now installed

- The administration part is in the folder "admin" of the script, url like :

- The publicly visible guestbook is at the root of the script, url like :

2) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
In order to give you the most accurate and up to date documentation, the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is on our website.


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