Instructions to upgrade your AlexGuestbook
version 4.0.* or above to version 4.0.5

This update is not vital but it will let you know of future updates. Indeed, the website address has changed : you'll find the news, updates and support for the script on We also made some minmal but practical corrections (for includes, some inactive links and the E-mail addresses encoding).
All informations, updates and support for the script are available on

Before making any changes, make a backup of your skins.

This update is obsolete since the new version 5.0 is available. It's only useful to upgrade a personnalized skin before updating to version 5.0.
For those who have such a personnalized skin, we advise to take one of the new skins version 5 and to personnalize this one. This way you'll limit the risk of errors as well as the numerous upgrade handlings.

Liste des étapes de mise à jour du skin :

Nous rappelons qu'il est fortement conseillé de prendre un skin déjà à jour et de le personnaliser plutôt que de mettre à jour un skin personnalisé.

C'est terminé, votre skin est mis à jour :o)