Instructions to upgrade @lex Guestbook version 3.* to version 3.2

1- The structure of the tables has been modified. With your database manager (i.e. phpmyadmin), run the following requests: (PLEASE NOTE that your tables names may be different, then you'd have to modify the requests below !

2- Download the zipped new version and fully copy/paste the following directories and files:

3- Go now to the admin section, you'll see two new options : one asks you if'd like to validate each posted message before it actually is publicly visible, the other lets you set the maximum size of each message : set these values as you wish then click on "Save" ; this step is necessary to avoid a javascript error when the Guestbook is viewed.

4- If you haven't customized the skins, you can fully copy/paste the "/templates/skins/" directory and for you the upgrade is done. However if you did customized one or several skins, you'll have to manually edit it or them following step 5.

5- This step is necessary only for those who customized a skin and wish to retain these modifications (however is you just changed a couple of things, it maybe easier to edit the new skin with them rather than doing this...)

> In the "templates/skins" directory, select the directory containing the skin you wish to upgrade. The procedure is about the same for all skins.
> Edit the "assembly.htm" file, replacing the corresponding (looking the same) first lines with:


> Around line 11, look for "<script language="javascript">" until "</script>", and replace all these lines with:

> At the end of the file, replace the existing copyright with (if your skin bears the mention "chezpierre" or was based upon it, the replacing code is after this one) :

If the skin you are using bears the mention "chezpierre" or was based upon a "chez pierre" skin, replace the existing copyright with :

> Edit the file "add_message.htm", starting on line 70, replace the following line(s):

<td width="100%" colspan="2">
<p align="center"><mx:formField id="message_textarea" rows="8" cols="69"/></p>

> Around line 5, look for this instruction: "<FORM NAME="ajouter" METHOD="post" ACTION="<mx:text id="action_url"/>" onsubmit="javascript:return verif_add();">" and replace it with:

You're done, you script is up to date :o)